Celebrate the uniqueness of you

Read meditation below or listen on soundcloud:

You are a unique combination of experiences, perspectives, values, talents and strengths. Of all the people in the world, there is not one person exactly like you. You are a rare and valuable gem. Flaws, faults, failures and all…you are still special. Just the fact that you are still standing, still trying, still fighting for your dreams and goals, still finding joy in big things and small, still seeking out things to strive for and laugh about – in spite of everything – that is your evidence. Remember that when tapes of old stories play in your head and consume you with worry that you should give up because of every real and imagined thing you think is wrong with you and your life. You are worth fighting for. No matter what has happened in your past. No matter what comes your way remember that there is nothing about you that is common. It matters not what anyone around you has accomplished. You are uniquely you.You are special and you are equal to any challenge. You may have to stop, rest, get help and regroup to get through – but you are equal to the challenge and get through is what you will do. And so it is.


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