Say yes to yourself

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a woman say, “I’m a giving person. I would give my last dollar or the shirt off my back if someone asked me to,” I would be rich. When I hear that, or anything similar, I often respond, “if you put yourself last others will follow your example.” That is true with most things, including money. Completely ignoring your needs is rarely, if ever, noble or wise. For many of us money woes, including high debt and low savings, are often a result of constantly putting self last – ignoring our own needs. Now here many people might say sure, I have a hard time saying no to others but I usually say yes to myself, too. But is that really what is happening? While it is nice to treat yourself to new shoes or a daily morning coffee, that isn’t really the same as saying yes to yourself. Really saying yes to yourself isn’t about how much you spend or acquire. Instead it is about finding ways to recognize and honor your highest vision of yourself, not settling for the temporary salve commerce provides or starving your emotional energy and dreams under the stress and worry of over consumption.


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